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Graphic Design, Motion Design, Illustration, print, interactive, video, Elizabeth Daggar, Electrofork, freelance, Brooklyn
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Fight for $15 Movement


I was hired by M&R to create a modular brand and identity, along with usage guidelines, for the Fight for $15 movement. As the movement picked up momentum, it was time to roll out a cohesive look to make the media and conversation around it more consistent and visible.


The angled, boxed logo came from the idea of capturing the motion and actions of a person holding a sign at a picket line or a protest; it brings the feeling of uprising and agitation with it. As the movement is focused heavily on national fast food chains, able to afford $15/hr as a minimum wage, the colors reflect that aspect.


For the March on MacDonald’s in Chicago, I illustrated a mash up of Donald Trump and Ronald McDonald, to underscore the idea that McDonald’s in the Trump of corporations. The Women’s March, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other organizations joined Fight for $15 in marching past Trump Tower to the McDonald’s flagship location.


For the Labor Day “$15 and a Union” Campaign, Bernie Sanders read his endorsement in between engagements (busy man). We worked with the of-the-moment footage to turn this around *fast* for social media engagement. By pushing the source video to the left, I created a graphic color space for subtitles and added contrast— strengthening the composition and visual impact.

Fight for $15 March on McDonald's graphic
Bernie Sanders Fight for $15 and a Union Labor Day video (still)
Fight for $15
Fight for $15
Fight for $15